FIBARO Home Center 3 - System update 5.102 BETA (ZIGBEE SUPPORT)

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Nu finns äntligen möjlighet att testa Zigbee i Home Center 3. Uppdatera till senaste BETA för att komma igång!

Main features:

1. System supports adding of the Nice, Elero and Z-Wave devices from mobile application***
Additionally new Z-wave devices adding procedure in webUI is introduced.
2. Introduced new way of controlling devices using dialogs on Favorites screen in mobile application
3. New Scenes category called "Scenarios" for easy control of shutters and blinds according to sunset and sunrise triggers
Possibility to configure "morning" and "evening" scenarios with few clicks.
System supports altering configuration of those Scenarios via mobile application.
4. Zigbee protocol support (Home Center 3)*
First public beta version of Zigbee protocol support now available for tests purpose.
Support for limited types of devices with focus on lighting.

What's new:

Added logs on device tiles related to transmitting commands for Nice and Elero devices.

Support for MCO ZW700 series devices.
Improved handling of hold actions on sidebar buttons for shutters and venetian blinds.

Improvements for pairing process.
Improved support for Elero Dimmer.
Modified descriptions for pairing process.
Added possibility to pair unknown device type to the system.

New styling for Nice devices pairing process.
Improvements in protocol auto-detection function.
Improved support of BiDi-Shutter and BiDi-Awning devices.
Added possibility to calibrate BiDi-Shutter and BiDi-Awning devices from settings.
Added notification about issues during device configuration after paring.
Added displaying favorite positions states on BiDi devices.

Reorganisation of plugins categories.

Support for new "Scenarios" in profiles.

Quick Apps
Added possibility to edit "secret" variable in QuickApps.

Added possibility to enable or disable the scene from edit window.

Updated certified Z-Wave manufacturers list in Z-Wave engines.
Improvements for Z-Wave database size management.**

Bug fixes:

No automatic refresh of power consumption on devices sidebar.
Fixed issue with displaying states for shutters on devices sidebar.

Inputs state for Smart Implant not reported correctly.**
Devices added via Smart Start are not visible in the system until reboot.**
Protection settings for Z-Wave devices fixed.
Issues with thermostats support when using climate panel.**

Wrong device configuration if timeout occurred during binding procedure.
Issues with controlling devices after update from 5.072.25 beta.

Excluding production devices from the Energy Panel does not work.

Internet connection status is not stable.

Not migrated device roles for Nice Mono devices added in the system on 5.080.

Issue with booting up the hub after update to 5.101 Beta.
Nice and Elero devices not counted in number of devices in backup.

Impossible to configure EnvisaLink plugin.

Using Walli devices ring actions causes system crash.

Partially white background in mobile view in dark style.
Fixed visibility for functions declarations.

Fixed visibility for functions declarations in Lua code.

Known issues:

Z-Wave Engine 3.0
Some Z-Wave devices are not fully compatible with the new version of Z-Wave engine.
Gateway connection is not available in the new Z-Wave engine version.

* - does not apply to HC3L (Home Center 3 Lite)
** - applies only to Z-Wave Engine 3.0
*** - Requires the latest BETA version of Yubii app:
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Testade att flytta en Philips Hue lightstrip till Fibaro, funkade att styra den men att det stod att den inte var fullt utvecklat för den....
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